Voice Services

Intelligent Outbound Dialer (iOBD)

iOBD Platform is developed to enhance the way of interacting with the customers of an organization. iOBD will Improving the efficiency and the effectiveness communicating information or promotion, reminders, personalised notifications and call bridging with the Call Centre agents.

The current method of calling a customer and inform a promotion or a payment reminder is made by a human Call Centre agent. As for the number of customers this becomes a tedious operation with a significant amount of human capital. iOBD platform will automate and personalise this activity freeing up the Call Centre agents for more important engagements with customers. iOBD have web interface based bulk scheduling as well as API driven access for system to send parameters where iOBD platform will construct the voice notification and call the customers.

Another problem which iOBD resolve is when a customer calls a field service officer of the organisation the customer number get exposed and the office can call directly. For example, a taxi company; when a taxi is booked the number of the customer is exposed to the taxi driver where the taxi driver can call the customer even after a later date. The iOBD platform will resolved by bridging calls between customers and the field officers.

iOBD platform is developed utilising the current high available telecom architecture with API based operation. The system is provided in hosted in multiple IDC in Sri Lanka with redundancy making it a reliable way of customer engagement.