Traditional marketing ‘far less effective’ than online

Traditional, offline marketing is “far less effective” when compared to online and interactive marketing, according to Jude Tissera, the Chief Executive of mobile marketing firm mobiOs. Further, he also went on to identify the mobile phone as the “most pwerful medium”.
Mr. Tissera’s comments were made in a statement about the launch of his company’s Mobile Media Marketing (MMM) interactive platform. Per the statement, the MMM platform uses “SMS, IVR, Missed Call and Smart Phone Apps, (resulting) in instant customer engagement with measurable results”.

Elaborating further, Mr. Tissera also stated that “all a customer had to do was give a missed call or SMS to receive promo offers and interact via IVR menus for follow up action, or even be directed to a sales agent, or receive a discount coupon via SMS that could be validated at the Point Of Sale… Customer feedback could be facilitated where all one has to do is give their preference with the click of their phone or SMS their choice to facilitate market surveys; a boon to marketers and research agencies”.

The statement also included the following information: “Companies who have already availed themselves of mobiOs’ services include Unilever, Singha FM, Biona, and Etisalat… Amongst mobiOs’ most successful campaigns were the Unilevers Laogee Chogam campaign that had 1.8 million missed calls for 3 days from November 14-16, and Unilever’s Vaseline sample promotion where 1.2 million missed calls were received between the December 5-22, 2014″. (JH)