Mobile Marketing Platform

Mobile marketing has been around for a long time, but it has grown dramatically in the past five years as handsets have become powerful mini computers and mobile broadband networks have come of age. According to research firm Berg Insight, the global mobile advertising market was worth €1.75 billion in 2014; with a compound annual growth rate of 43% and predicts that this will rise to over €8.7 billion in 2018.

Mobile handset brings communication, commerce, and interaction to a whole new level and they create tremendous opportunities for marketers. The process of communicating with customers is evolving at rapid speeds. Mobile handset offers dynamic content and multiple points of content consumption anytime anywhere, providing more communication opportunities than ever before.

Interactive mobile media platform for customer engagement via mobile (IVR/SMS) for marketing, games/competitions and “Call for Action” type services. Customers can engage with the mobile marketing platform via SMS or Voice. The platform shall have the following services:

  • Vote or register a preference
  • Answer Questions/Polls
  • Register for a service request/contest or competition
  • Get discount coupon
  • Redeem Discount coupons
  • Get more information over SMS or Voice
  • Connect to a sales person over Voice
  • Join group or service
  • Or any combination of two or more options from above