mHealth Solutions


MEDICA is a cloud based patient management and prescription management platform for doctors. From patient registration to patient walking out with the medicines from a pharmacy is managed within MEDICA. Doctors with MEDICA will register all Patients trough receptionist or nursing staff tablet application as well as channelling. Once the Patient visit the doctor, the MEDICA doctor will make the diagnosis and type is the prescription to issue a printed prescription as well as send the digital prescription directly patient’s smart phone application. The Patient then can visit any pharmacy with the printed prescription as well as get enhance experience at a MEDICA enabled Pharmacy where the patient can search and send the prescription prior to collect drugs at the special counter.

MEDICA enabled Doctors: Equipped with a laptop with MEDICA desktop application and a printer to print prescriptions as well as the system will send a digital prescription to Patient smartphone application.

MEDICA enabled Pharmacy/Laboratory: Integrate current Systems with MEDICA over the internet to scan and verify MEDICA QR code.

Patients with MEDICA: Mobile Application with all the prescription records, medical history and manage permission whom can view. MEDICA application can manage multiple profiles where the family can use one single smartphone.