Messaging Services

Growth of the mobile messaging has changed life styles as well as changed the way we work. The hand held devise today has made us respond to quick decision making from where ever we are, may be commuting to work, on the way to a business meeting or in the boardroom. Rapid response to today’s business environment needs efficient and cost effective communications mechanisms between everybody in the organisation.

SMS (Short Message Service) Enabled Business Solutions provide an efficient medium to communicate between all levels of the organisation utilising text on the GSM/CDMA handset. More recently, the market is witnessing the application of SMS as a communication tool in the business markets for example, advertising/permission-based marketing, Message alerts to a database on facilities management, workforce management, fleet management, and monitoring and security applications. Faster an organisation can get the correct information communicated to the targeted persons will have more time to make correct decisions as well as be alerted of the business movements/products and changes.

Keeping this in mind we have mobiOs formed a subsidiary by the name of TextWare to bring enterprises and business to provide their employees/customers for that matter all stake holders a reliable access mechanism for the delivery of information via SMS and integrating to internal resources management systems and process control systems.