Hosted Services

mobiOs Hosted solutions include Human Resource and Inventory management system on based on latest cloud computing technologies. mobiOs already provide services to Ministry of Education and the ministry of health in the Southern Province to manage inventory and human resources and provide necessary administrative reporting.

Is based on industry leading technology. Connectivity to the Internet will enable multiple device access as well as remote management and information access.

Multiple firewall levels, high level of application security, and trained resources will provide a very high level of security to businesses.

Internet Infrastructure:
Based on state of the art high-end servers and industry leading Systems Software and Database software, which will provide a very high quality of service and provide the availability needed.

Domain Expertise:
Not only does mobiOs provide infrastructure services, but adds value to businesses by providing vital domain knowledge in e-business and strategies to bring MIS processors and procedures.

Cross Application Integration:
Provides the ability for MIS to choose application components that suit them and allow for the later integration of other application components as for the needs.

Wireless Integration:
Wireless integration to mobile phones and other devices.

24hr Customer Service to give unmatched support for 24x7x365.

Therefore the value to the customer of mobiOs is as follows:

Business Value = Solution + Managed Services + Domain Knowledge + Support