Impacting Thousands of Businesses, one by one

How to deliver the business with value addition to generate an uprising revenue is hard. We mobiOs helps businesses with technology platforms enabling them to excell with their business performance.


 Bring a value addition to your voice interaction by creating a new dimension to your customer experience

Voice Solutions

Customizable content delivery platform over mobile or fixed line network to stream or play digitize content


Miss not a single message, since it counts a value in your Business as well as your Customer.

SMS Services

SMS (Short Message Service) Enabled Business Solutions provide an efficient medium to communicate between all levels of the organisation utilising text on the GSM/CDMA handset.

Managed Services

Ease your business operation leaving us to manage the services related to IT..

Mobile Apps

Platform independent mobile content and service provide platform independent, integrating to Location based services, Payment Services and profile personalization to deliver seamless service

Simple is Effective than you ever thought !

mobiOs brings the simplicity for your complex issues in your business and that is the magic hand of mobiOs to their clients !!!